Video: Meak Ace – Melody

Video: Meak Ace - Melody
Mkeyvision Entertainment has entered the music industry in Nigeria. Their entrance did not go unnoticed. First they launched their Artist Meak Ace to limelight with Beremole that trended for months on social media.

With the skill and business acumen possesd by the CEO Mr Mike Eborson who has been a player in the music industry since 80s, Beremole became a subject of high demand especially among dancers as they used the song for various content.

Today MkeyVision Entertainment has launched yet another banger titled Melody unveiling their Artist ‘ Meak Ace once again.

Meak Ace who has been with the record label for quite sometime now has dropped 2 singles melody included on MkeyVision Entertainment platform. Both songs has quality visuals produced along with them.

The record label is also seeking to reach more talents like Meak Ace in order to showcase them to the world through it’s platform. One of such platforms is “Hit The Note” a reality music contest, “The Afro Battle” and lots of other projects.

This year, plans have been made to reach as many talents as possible through these talent hunts and shows.

Meak Ace – Beremole

Meak Ace - Beremole MP3 DOWNLOAD
Meak Ace – Beremole Mp3 Download

Meak Ace is a poet , Media Sports analyst and artisan who hails from the southern part of Nigeria. Particularly Edo state. He grew up with a strong musical background As both of his parents are well schooled in the art of making music. Let’s just say it runs in the blood. He started writing rhymes from a very tender age.

He is awesomely blessed with an in depth knowledge of music and arts that is why he is able to fusion Afro with pop to give us an original master piece “Beremole” .