Movie: Open Your Eyes (2021)

Movie: Open Your Eyes (2021)
Movie: Open Your Eyes (2021) Mp4 Download

Unable to cope with recent events, screenwriter Jason Miller dives relentlessly into his newest screenplay in an attempt to avoid dealing with a traumatic experience. Holed up in his apartment, his mental state teetering on the edge, he meets Lisa- his beautiful neighbor from down the hall and a relationship begins to develop. Jason burns the midnight oil to finish his script he becomes more and more intrigued by her as strange and mysterious things begin to happen in the building causing him to question everything. With Jason’s mind unraveling, his life spinning out of control, we soon realize that things aren’t always as they seem as he struggles to hang onto the one thing he wants most. – hope.

Open Your Eyes (2021)
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Release Date: May 31, 2021
Starring: Ry Barrett, Joanna Saul, Suzy Giannakopoulos, Suzy Giannakopoulos


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